Sudurpaschim Province Government
Ministry of Social Development
Directorate of Health
Mahakali Provincial Hospital
Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur

A primary health center was established in Kanchanpur district towards the end of 2020. V.No. In the year 2031, although 25 beds were approved, due to lack of manpower, an internal department with 15 beds was set up and turned into Kanchanpur District Hospital and maternity services were also started. V.No. In 2043, the referral center with 50 beds was converted into a regional hospital. V.No. In 2045, the hospital development committee was formed. Antrang Bhavan was built in 2053 and In the year 2061, approval was received from the Government of Nepal to operate with the resources of the Mahakali Hospital Development Committee, adding 50 beds and 100 beds.After the corona epidemic in the year 2076, 50 more beds were approved and now 150 beds have been approved.
After federalism, this hospital, which was named Mahakali Regional Hospital, was renamed as Mahakali Hospital, due to the expansion of the services provided by this hospital in recent times, according to the decision of the Far West Provincial Government (Council of Ministers) dated 2078.02.19, Mahakali Hospital has been established as Mahakali Regional Hospital.